I have worked for many years in horticulture and agriculture, and now also work part-time as a basic skills tutor, teaching literacy and numeracy to adults.

My life is essentially rural, in south-west Wales, although I originally grew up mostly in Manchester. I live on a smallholding, grow fruit, vegetables and flowers, harvest and prepare my own firewood, tend trees and write poetry. I find too little time for reading.

I see poetry primarily as an exploration of ideas, of language and of emotional responses to the world around me, both the human and the ‘natural.’ My themes are varied: love and human relationships, rural life and work, the workings of the human mind, war, modern society, etc., etc.DSCI1067

I have an interest in all the arts.

I regularly read at live events (Cardigan, Carmarthen, Laugharne, etc.), and also enjoy “performing” poetry.

Want to know more? Then follow my poetry blog, and read the poems.

All poems on this blog are copyright David Urwin.


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  1. Good introduction! We expect great things from you.


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