deserted road, not even a tree

Just recently my poetic output has almost dried up. However, on seeing this stunning image by Rod Higginson (inspired, incidentally, by a similar one by the great photographer, Don McCullin), I was myself inspired to write some lines in response to it. I simply allowed the words to arrive through my pen on to the page, and have tweaked it just a little over the last couple of days.

My thanks to Rod for allowing me to use his photograph as a creative springboard. The poem is in no way a representation in words of the image, but an imaginative ‘reaction’ to it.

road to the grey horizon



deserted road, not even a tree


 no one is waiting

on this long hard grey road

to nowhere

which is maybe somewhere

everywhere is somewhere

and nowhere

it’s beautiful

steel clouds billow

their bellies hang heavy on the horizon

the unattainable destination

charged with a dreamy light

but an engine is approaching

from behind

foot hard down on the throttle

too crazy to turn back now

or stop

unseeing eyes








© David Urwin 2017


About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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6 Responses to deserted road, not even a tree

  1. Fantastic photo and very good poem. Black and white pictures so often are more expressive than colour.That long deserted road looks like our life, “coming from nowhere ang going nowhere”. Many people have written about this pessimistic and realistic view of exhistence.
    Your poetic output going to dry up? Nothing more to write? Impossible after a life of poetry… I am still waiting for your promised poen about that knife, the fulcìn, but it must be a funny one. Do you still use it? Ciao


  2. Not drying up permanently, no. Everything goes in cycles. Will try and return to the Fulcin poem sometime. Yes, I do use it here at home.


  3. He lives and photographs in Somerset.


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