October poem

Here is a poem I wrote just a few years ago. I love this season in all kinds of ways; but, however beautiful, there is no escaping the ugly goings-on of life, out there somewhere.

From a poetic point of view, it can be difficult to decide whether ‘splash of slanting sunlight’ is better than ‘slanting splash of sunlight’! Having started with the former, I decided on a walk around the fields this evening to opt for the latter. Ah, the agonies of being a poet! It reminded me of a story I once read, suggesting that Leonard Cohen would writhe around on the floor in an agonising attempt to find a rhyme for ‘orange’. (Not that it was meant to be a true story…) (And I don’t think there is a good one, anyway – a rhyme for ‘orange’, that is).


 In the silence of October sunshine


In the silence

of October sunshine

distant from the seething cities

beneath the gentle mantle                    sunlight in woods

of the down-drifting leaves

and bathing

in the splash of slanting sunlight

on floors

in fields and forests

he watches the world curl up

to sleep

spiralling down into somnolence

letting  every  thing  go

but its looming fears

its anxious


autumn leaves sunlight



© David Urwin


About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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