Lake Como haiku sequence

I wrote these haiku, my favourite poetic form, in 2013, whilst staying by the lake. They were direct observations of what I could see and hear around me while sitting right by the lake’s edge in solitude.  Photos by Franca Panizza, who has lived all her life in a village by the lake, and by Guido Ferrari.


                                                     Lake Como haiku sequence

 Como across the grey lake


           Sunday church bells chime

        across the grey lake hills

draped in grey cloud.

Como-draped in grey cloud


the gull on the rock

             at the lapping lake’s edge-

          a dream of fish in its feet.

Como gulls

  flotilla of ducks-

invisible engine

        their feet in the lake.

Como ducks

necklace of cloud

     around the mountain

       waist deep in the lake.


Como necklace of cloud

           lake edge kingfisher

             flashing her jewels on

 flat, grey rock.



                                                    in two (three?) towns

 church bells chime mezzogiornoComo church bells 3

back and forth the lake shores.

Como village


Como church bells 2Como church bells 1

           ding dong dong ding dong

dong   church bells

      this that side the lake.


Como-yellow light

         yellow light stippling

         the grey green lake –

it comes, it goes


                    green mountain  white peaks

         blue lake sky red roofs

kingfisher’s flash.


Como cloud mtn

                   cloud white, snow peak white,

sky blue lake blue,

            breeze waves dance light.




Como lizard

after the storm

in lakeside sun the lizard –

scratching his head?

Como sunshine

© David Urwin, October 2013


Photos by Franca Panizza and Guido Ferrari






About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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2 Responses to Lake Como haiku sequence

  1. Anne Marie Butler says:

    stunnning visuals , such beauty,
    love the line ‘breeze waves dance light.’
    thank you for sharing.


  2. Eh eh eh finally!!! You make me look like a narrow minded old woman who has never left these shores! Your haiku are always beautiful and with my photos the result is superb! A good advertising for Lake Como too. Any nostalgia of these waters and mountains?


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