New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year, and although I have not been one for New Year resolutions much before (preferring to resolve to do things better at any time of the year), this year I have been prompted to write a poem by the book, ’52: Write a poem a week. Start now. Keep going.’ (Nine Arches Press, 2015). This is based on the project that was run by the poet Jo Bell in 2014, providing a weekly prompt and a poem by various other poets to help inspire us to write our own.

I don’t anticipate being able to write a poem a week, but it’s good to have a go and adopt a positive approach. So, in response to the first prompt, ‘Everything is going to be amazing’, here is my first poem of 2016, on that very matter of being positive (or telling myself to be so).

Revolution resolution

I’m gonna chop that log,
I’m gonna split that wood,train tracks
I’m gonna bring that axe
down clean. Understood?
I’m gonna sow those seeds,
I’m gonna watch ’em grow,
I’m gonna keep ‘em fed
and watered, doncha know?
I’m gonna buy that ticket,
I’m gonna take that train,
I’m gonna go to those places
come shine or rain.
I’m gonna kiss those tulips,
I’m gonna suck those cherries,
I’m gonna squeeze the juice
right out of those berries.
I’m gonna chew that music,
I’m gonna lick that moon,
I’m gonna slurp those words
from an emerald spoon.
I’m gonna melt that mountain,
I’m gonna cook that poem,                    cherries
I’m gonna drive those donkeys
all the way back to Rome.
I’m gonna write that song,
I’m gonna blow that horn,
I’m gonna hang my troubles
on the sharpest thorn.
I’m gonna be a fire-eater,
I’m gonna be an acrobat.
It’s gonna be amazing
or I’ll eat my hat.
© David Urwin 2016



About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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One Response to New Year Resolutions

  1. Driving those donkeys back to Rome? Sounds as a surrealistic poem. But you are somehow surrealistic and amazing at times my dear Urwin


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