A question of loss by Dave Urwin

I am not a silent poet

Are you an economic migrant or a


We have the facility

here to make that distinction, you see,

between those of you who flee

from bombs and fear of torture

from shards of death

that slash your nightmare,

or simply from poverty.

If there are simply

no jobs

and your children simply

go hungry,

and if your country is simply

devastated from a previous war;

or if you suffer simply

from a lack of liberty

or aggressive and oppressive

government authority;

if you are looking simply

for a better life

because you can see the quality

of life we have in our country,

then you must go back.

We will try to deal with those

who make money

from your misery,

while we wait for the tides

to wash away

the blood,

the drowned corpses.

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About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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One Response to A question of loss by Dave Urwin

  1. Anne Marie Butler says:

    simply ~ I should direct my reponse to your poem at the government today.
    Should ‘we’ be selective ? Refuse assistance, choose who stays, choose who must go back,
    go back to what exactly ? How can we differentiate or quailfy their suffering ?
    Is it only Syrians who ‘we’ agree to help or every human being in desperate need ?
    Too many questions.
    ‘We’ should consider what all these people have gone through, offer to help them.
    ‘We’ forget our history perhaps, we empire builders . Shame on us.


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