Is there anybody out there?

This is a subject I fail to get very excited about, being more concerned with world/society problems; but isn’t it time I gave it some deep space?!

Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there,                                               our solar system
light millennia away,
on another wet sphere of rock,
spinning and orbiting
not too near,
not too far
from some cruel sun’s
chilling message;
or even beyond the beyond
of all that we can never know,milky way
their own constructed gods
concealing the telescopes
and mirrors of the faithless rebels
inside the smoke and dust
of eternal sleep,
inside the clouds of unknowing,
awaiting the arrival of Icarus,
uncertain that he drowned?

© David Urwin 2015


About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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