a poem from the new book, ‘Towards Humanity’

Here is a poem from my recent, and first, volume of poetry, ‘Towards Humanity’. There are fine drawings by Pembrokeshire artist, Anne Marie Butler, to accompany some of the poems. For anyone who would like a copy posting, the cost is £8.00 plus £2 postage and packing in the UK. It consists of 64 pages, 43 poems. For book orders, and to enquire about cost of sending copies outside the UK, email Dave: dpu6655@hotmail.co.uk.

book cover

Death on the A40

It was the swarm of flies I saw first,
the gagging, loose black knot, dancing its celebration
in the thick sun-heat beside the lay-by.
Some had settled on her vulva and anus,
crawling around her soft exits and entrances
to lay their eggs;
and soon a writhing wriggle of maggots
would be eating her insides out.

For every farmer or gamekeeper
who may say, “The only good fox is a dead fox,”
who may put his foot down as she crosses the road,
let there be another to see the rufous, blooming beauty in her,
the sleek dignity.
Let it be that someone moved her corpse
from the carriageway to prevent the trucks
mangling her bones,
tyre-treading her soft, clean fox-fur,
if she herself had not limped broken
just under the mercy of the trees,
where now she lies,
her two rows of swollen teats
betraying the cruelty of the impact.

And I thought of her cubs
down some hole,
sensing the approaching desolation
of motherlessness
settle silent and slow,
and accumulate softly,
like the snow
swirling down
on a winter’s night.
© David Urwin 2014


About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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4 Responses to a poem from the new book, ‘Towards Humanity’

  1. I want to buy the book, but this post doesn’t tell me how. Please add a sales link.

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  2. John & Sarada Thompson says:

    ‘Death on the A40’ – Powerful & haunting: no punches pulled.


  3. PS Jones says:

    I am so glad to read that you have a book out. I seem to remember we first read “together” in Haverfordwest Library in about 2010 or so.


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