Stopping the next war (or not).

This is my first ever blog, so mighty difficult to know where to start. I will post a poem that I have read once or twice in Carmarthen and Cardigan.I wrote it during the commemoration last year of World War 1, after seeing the service held in Westminster Cathedral, and also a laying of wreaths on a former battlefield in Belgium, with many political leaders present, including David Cameron.It is all too easy to call them hypocrites, as once I would have done, because they would also lead us into war. What can we do but continue to ask questions, as this poem does?

Who or what will stop the next war?

Who or what will stop the next war?
And the next?
And the next?
No amount of Christian prayer
or Muslim prayer
or Jewish prayer.
No Prime Minister
or President
laying a wreath
in the teeth
of the wind of hatred,
or uncompromising mechanism of belief.
No cathedral service of remembrance
for the victims of war
with all its pomp and circumstance,
for men and women ride into battle
with their Bibles hung around their necks.
No muezzin call to prayer
for the suicide bomber
invokes his or her god
as the school explodes,
as the child’s flesh burns.
No poem by Wilfred Owen;
though if anything could,
a poem should.
And who among you can guarantee
to have erased from your heart
all cruelty?
What of each nation’s sense of sovereignty?
Tell me,
who or what
will stop
the next war?

© David Urwin 2014


About jadedmountain

I am a poet, living a rural life in south-west Wales. The purpose of this blog is to publicise my poetry.
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5 Responses to Stopping the next war (or not).

  1. Hi Jadedmountain! Does your nickname refer to the mountain colour?
    Nobody will stop the next war simply because almost no one can guarantee to have erased some cruelty from his heart. We are human/ animals Dave with basical instincts!
    Congratulations for the web site. Was it difficult to make it? In some ways I would like to start one too, or rather some people advised me to do it for posting local history articles. But I have NO IDEA how to manage with this stuff. Any useful advice?


    • I had no idea how to start a blog, but was given great help by a poet friend to get it set up. The name is a combination of various ideas- jaded means exhausted, but also jade is a semi-precious stone, as well as a colour. There is also a connection with ancient Chinese poetry, which has been a big influence on me, and ancient Chinese landscape painting too, which I like. If there is more in the name, which there may be, it cannot be explained in words.


  2. Jaded exhausted. Jade the stone. Jade the colour. Chinese jade. Jade landscape. Jademountain. I love the jade stone and its colour. Very good name and… maybe you are made of jade! ahahah


  3. Malcolm Stirling says:

    By asking this unanswerable question you have able to make me think more about this subject.m
    Well done David.


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